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Our staff team will aim to develop strong partnerships with you and your child’s family so we can all work together to achieve the five ‘Every Child Matters’ outcomes to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being.

What we do to support these outcomes is part of our everyday routine, integral to our vision and aims. A few examples are below:

Being Healthy – Children are taught about how to have a healthy lifestyle including being physical and eating healthy foods, make healthy choices and for the older children to understand the reason why these choices are important.

Stay safe – children are taught about personal safety and how to assess their own risks in their environments with support from their key person and other adults. Children learn how to recognise their own behaviours and how to deal with others’ behaviours appropriately for their age and stage of development. Feeling safe and secure is vital for healthy, happy children and as well as considering their physical safety, achieving this involves things such as having clear transitions and supporting each child in knowing what’s going to happen next through photos and visual timetables.

Enjoy and Achieve – our timetable and the activities on offer are designed to promote enjoyment and fun, to enable each child to achieve to the very best of their ability. Learning actively through play and exploration is central to what we do so that children have the time, space and freedom to learn about the world and what they like.

Make a positive contribution – children and their families are encouraged to contribute in many ways to what happens at the nursery and have a voice. We give great consideration to what is interesting and popular with the children and acknowledge that they are part of the planning process. Children also contribute to looking after the nursery and helping to manage tasks that are appropriate for their age and stage of development such as setting the table for lunch, or being a ‘special helper’ for the day who may collect the mats after story time.

Achieve Economic Well-Being – amongst many things, by learning about the world in which we live through play and age-appropriate activities, children start to gain knowledge and understanding about various topics such as professions and ‘people who help us’, science and mathematics and personal and social skills too – such as the importance of good manners and consideration of others.

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